She was alluring, the fairy of darkness With luminous green eyes, and scarlet lips

She did peculiar magic, with her slender finger tips

But, she never wore a dazzling smile, for she was deserted and uncherished

There was no one, to listen to her tragically enchanting stories

She paced back and forth, in a goomy dark cave she called home

Bitter tears flowing down her crimson cheeks as she roamed

Her lingering sadness had dried her wings up

And she couldn’t fly no more

She waited and waited, for someone to help her out

Years went by, and the fairy lost her magnetizing youth

Withered she was, in her solitude

She lay in the rocky floor, smiling

For she was finally going to get away

From the miserable life, she could take no more

Her eyelids closed

And as she departed, the cave was filled with rays of blinding golden light

Her grief slowly dissolved into the air, the fairy of darkness was finally spared.


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