I saw sunshine today, but he is no longer mine. I saw sunshine today, and I know he thinks I’ve lost my mind. Sunshine hasn’t changed, at all. He still looks like an angel in disguise, he still makes the dead butterflies in my stomach come alive. Sunshine looked right into my eyes, but I ignored his gaze, for I was afraid I might see hate in them. Sunshine still sprinkles happiness and magic like confetti, sunshine still laughs that infectious laugh. Sunshine still lights up a room the moment he walks in. I know what they say, he’s just another person, and I should stop glorifying him in my poetry. But, you see, I see the golden light pouring out of his soul, I see his wings, I see his halo. Sunshine has another girl in his life now, and I bet she can’t see the magic I see in his soulful eyes. I wonder if she gives sunshine enough love, I wonder if she makes him happy enough, but most of all, I wonder that how sunshine lives with only a spoonful of love, when he had an entire ocean. Sunshine may not be in my life anymore, but his slightest glance, still lights up my heart, still lights up my soul.

Sunshine said he left me because I didn’t know many people, I didn’t talk much, I wish he could see past the introvert in me, there was an innocent love struck girl with fairytale dreams. Sunshine told me that there are plenty of fishes in the sea, but he’s my Nemo, you see, there can’t be another one like him. Sunshine wasn’t particularly the perfect guy of my dreams, sunshine didn’t understand most of my poems, didn’t understand my obsession with books. Sunshine didn’t like cats, made many grammatical errors, sunshine openly pointed out my flaws, and didn’t believe in romantic gestures. Sunshine wasn’t a hopeless romantic, didn’t like country songs, and always called me crazy. But, despite all the imperfections and flaws, sunshine was still sunshine, you see, and I, a sunflower.


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