You and I – we are just the same, like synonyms. We laugh at the same jokes, and are crazily weird. We both like to be lost, detached from the reality, in the world we slowly built up over the years. We are the same missing puzzle pieces from two different puzzles, no we don’t fit in together – not even close. We are mad and impulsive, but that doesn’t matter, because impulsive is wild, and wild is beautiful. They laugh at us, call us idiots. Yes, we are idiots, idiots-in-love. We are walking in the deep woods, fingers intertwined, giggling and stealing kisses. It won’t be long, before they would hunt us down, and pull us back to the dull and grey monotony of reality. So until then, let us be lost in this wilderness of love and insanity. Until then, kiss me, will you?


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