In the pink and orange hues of long evenings, even the happy memories are tinged with a sadness of nostalgia and bad memories. I let my mind wander back in time, and think of you. Letting you go, was like convincing myself that I can never again listen to my childhood lullaby. You weren’t made up of bright sunshine and sparkling lights. You were plain – a mix of white and blues. Yet, your presence was an addiction I still can’t stop craving for. You were the lazy Sunday morning breeze, which I would feel on my face and smile while I’ll be on my balcony, lazily brushing my teeth. You were the long nap after reading a good book, you were the extra pillow between my legs. You were the room heater I sat in front of shivering, after shampooing my hair in a winter morning. You were the mild fragrance which came from my shampooed hair, you were the tune which I hummed as I walked along. You were the smile on my lips as I fell asleep talking to you at 3 am. You smelt of sunshine, you dispersed hope and refracted gloom. Together, we made spring.


6 thoughts on “Long evenings

  1. Hey, well boards are near. And you still haven’t cured. I hope you’re okay, Kittu. It’s a bit awkward saying that name is public. But anyways, please take care of yourself. You didn’t let me, so do it for yourself. Study hard for boards. And make every one around you proud. And just stop still dreaming about him. And Best f luck for your exams. I will swing by again soon! Take care!

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