Our love is a fiery orange, a quiet shade of olive. Our love is a peaceful blue, and as pink as a cotton candy. It blooms everyday, like vivid and colorful spring flowers. You make me forget about the dark days, and all I can see is your eyes, shining brighter than the stars in the night sky. Our love is the soothing silence that covers us in its silent magic, our love is purple lilac trees, blooming lavender flowers in the spring. Our love is me craving, stitching and weaving you, in my poems. The freckles on your nose, the glint in your eyes, the way you move your hands when you talk. Our love is the flame you start in my soul, our love is the way your lips twitch into a crooky smile, everytime I say something amusing. Our love is, treacherous, yet miraculous. It’s safe, and ours.


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