Take me away. Please, take me away, from this path of thorns that over the years, I have built up for myself. And now, I look back, blood dripping from my toes, regretting not thinking about the consequences of my actions. But I wonder, what if I wouldn’t have done a single thing differently? What if it was meant for me to make those mistakes, to push myself further and further into the dark alleway? What if that was the only way out? To get lost deep in the woods, and finally find a clearing? Maybe, it was all meant to happen. But right now, the weight of my grief is so much, that I’m afraid the earth beneath my feet will shift and swallow me, and I’ll slowly crumble away. So, take me away, beyond the horizon, to the milkyway. My soul will float between the stars, finally free from the tragedy of life, finally content, and, at peace.


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