New beginnings

They are beautiful, the new beginnings, with an ocean of opportunities, and boxes filled with blissfulness at your doorstep. You look at the sun shine bright, so bright that it might blind your eyes. Yet, it’s soothing, for you’ve been in the darkness for far too long, and now you can embrace the blinding light. The storms seem like a distant dream now, a nightmare which felt too real once, and a rainbow awaits your glance. Sure, sometimes it still feels like everything isn’t a shade of a vibrant color, and there are traces of black and white still lingering behind, but you’ve fallen in love with the beauty of uncertainty now, and you know that even in the darkest of the days, there exists the most beautiful color the color of hope. So, you hold the color of hope close to your heart, dance in the rain, embrace the mellow sunshine, the starry nights, and accept life for what it is – a magical blend of hues, shades and colors, some dark, some soothing, and some that stay forever in the deepest corners of your heart.


Why marital rape isn’t a criminal offense in India?

Most of the developed countries have penalised marital rape, but in India, there exists no law to protect women against marital rape. Are the marriages in india, a contract for legal sex? Most of the women who are the victims of marital rape are also subjected to torture and physical abuse. Is this inhumane treatment of women justified? Last year, there was a case in Gujarati High Court involving a woman who had accused her husband of sexually assaulting her. He repeatedly forced sex on her and also subjected her to mental and physical torture. But, the husband could not be charged with rape in this case since the Indian penal code states that – “Sexual act by a man with his own wife, is not rape”. Does a man not need his wife’s consent and is free to impose himself on his wife? The home affairs minister said that marital rape in india cannot be made a criminal offence because of high illeteracy rate, poverty, extreme religious beliefs, and the ‘purity’ of marriages. The only way law deals with it is by charging the husband with a minor offense of cruelty which goes upto three years in jail or fine. But, is it justified? Why is rape of an unmarried woman or girl considered a rape and that of a married woman isn’t considered rape, just because she is married to the man who raped her? Is it acceptable to discriminate a married woman like that? Moreover, these women aren’t raped once or twice, but numerous times or even all through their married life, and they can’t do anything but face the humiliation and torture. The reason men don’t want marital rape to be criminalised because they don’t want to give the women the power to say no. Marital rape is not recognised as an offense, either by the law or the society, that is conditioned to see it as an inevitable part of marriage. Last year, Indian government pushed back at the suggestion that marital rape should not be outlawed, saying that such a change could “destabilise the institution of marriage”. So are these women conditioned to suffer all their lives, or will there ever be a change in the law to help them come out of this vicious cycle?


“If there’s any kind of magic in this world, it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something.”

In our bones and blood

People always warned us, about the demons that exist in this treacherous world, people always warned us, that life is a nasty game of survival. But, no one ever warned us, no one ever told us, about the demons that reside in the very depths of our souls, lurking behind our shadows, waiting to creep in, in those lonely nights when tears are our only companions. No one ever warned us, that there exists no horrifying demons than the ones which live in our bones, in our blood, and in the core of our very hearts. They sometimes feel like a friendly face in the crowd, those demons, for they are the ones who arrived in a stormy night, when the wolves howled, the sky growled in anger, and the lightening struck, and never really left. The demons aren’t terrifying because they make us do things we never thought we would, the demons are terrifying because they know the reality, they know the bitter truth. They know what makes us shudder, they know our deepest, our darkest secrets, and the face we find, when we look at the mirror. They know we aren’t as brave and as perfect, as we make ourselves seem to the world, they know things about us, that we’ve always been too afraid to admit to ourselves. They are our closest friends, and our worst enemies, they are all we have in lonely terrifying nights, and gloomy afternoons. So, what do we do? Do we fight them, push ourselves into a never-ending battle, or do we ignore them, occupying our minds with trivial things that don’t really matter? These demons, they don’t want to call us into the battlefield, they don’t want to be lurking in the shadows, and be ignored. They demand to be understood, to be accepted, to tell us that it’s okay to have our flaws, it’s okay to not be as beautiful inside as we seem on the surface. Maybe, this is the only way to find peace with our demons, to accept them, to understand them, and rather than making them let us drown in the depths of the wild ocean, use them as a stranded log, to stay afloat, to navigate the wild waters. Maybe then, our demons won’t be demons anymore.

Blank canvas and sparkly little lights

Everything’s here, yet something’s missing. There’s beauty, there’s wilderness, there’s art and sparkly little lights, yet she feels a little incomplete. She knows she’s whole already, she knows she doesn’t need another artist to paint the blank canvas of her life, she knows she can paint her own masterpiece, but despite everything, there’s this emptiness she can’t fill, no matter how many times she puts self love on the top of her priority list. She knows it doesn’t make much sense, she craves a home in another person, yet she is unable to let anyone step inside the dark and twisted alleyways of her heart. Her soul is craving for the touch of another soul, yet she can’t let anyone go past the high grey walls and innumerable barriers built around her, protecting her like a shield, and leaving her hollow at the same time. She doesn’t want a fairytale, she doesn’t dream of a prince charming or a knight in shining armor, she doesn’t fantasize about a flawless whimsical being rescuing her from the one eyed dragon’s castle. She doesn’t believe in magic anymore, she knows that pixie dust is just a mere fragment of imagination. But, she believes in fireflies, she believes in miracles. Despite her strong beliefs, she’s exhausted now, her thoughts circling in a loop, her desperation to break free from her romantic ideations, but her stubborn heart ruling over her head each time. She’s way too stubborn, she won’t give up until she finally finds a home. She knows she’s being absolutely ridiculous, but she also knows that all she needs is someone who will laugh at her silly jokes, someone who will just listen as she talks endlessly about her wildest dreams and her insane ideas and thoughts, someone who will accept her, as his home, someone she can find shelter and confide in, someone who’ll be the shore to her rough waves, someone she’ll come back to each time, no matter how far she goes away, someone she can just talk to at the end of the day – is that too much to ask for?

Wild ocean

You’re stuck there, like a boat tied to the shore. The waves come and go, like the days and nights, but you are still in the same space, unable to move, unable to make sense of anything. You wonder, will you ever be free from this living hell? Will you ever be able to let the waves take you away in wild adventures and never look back? You’ve been running away from life for very long, and now you wonder, will you ever be able to go out and face the world again? Even the thought of it seems terrifying now. You’re scared, lost, and lonely. They tell you it’s all your fault, you chose this life, and to some extent it is, but how do you fight the constant battle that resides within? Sometimes you win, but you mostly fail. There’s this sadness, that keeps weighing you down like stones tied to your feet, and sometimes all you could do is stay in the dark and hope to be rescued. But, how can someone rescue you, when the shore feels like home to you? How can someone rescue you, when the wild ocean seems like a distant dream to you? The roughness of the waves scare you, and you’re afraid of being lost in the wilderness of the ocean. What’s disturbing is, you’re not afraid of being in the shore forever, but you’re afraid of being back in the ocean.

Love and grace

“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” – Denis Waitley